When you see hear someone called fat, what do you really hear?






Why have we become conditioned to associated so many negative things with being fat? Why do we think we can make these assumptions? We’ve been lead to believe that if you’re fat you’re less important, less driven, less worthy, all of which are completely untrue. How can you possible judge a person by their weight!

Why should being described as fat be an insult? Why should calling someone fat be any different to calling someone tall or short, blonde or brunette, short haired or long haired. Its no different! Fat is simply as description. You’d call someone muscular without all of those connotations, why should being called fat be any different?

We need to stop using the word fat as an insult. Its not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful, sexy, important, or worthy of respect. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Body shaming is not ok, and using the word fat to try and do that just doesn’t make sense. Stop using the word fat as a front for what you’re really trying to say.


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